Code of Ethics:

I will familiarize myself with the rules and regulations of the CPHA, the CKC and this Code of Ethics.   I will abide by these rules to the utmost of my ability and I will deem it my duty to report to the Board of Directors of the CPHA any infraction of these rules by a member of the CPHA.

I will not accept any dogs from any other CPHA membersí client until that member has been apprised of the situation and all his/her accounts have been satisfied in full.

I will conduct myself in a professional manner at all times. I will always be courteous and sportsman-like whenever I show dogs, no matter what the outcome of the awards may be.

I will not maliciously criticize or discuss the abilities or ineptitudes of my fellow handlers or exhibitors nor any of the dogs they may be showing.

I will, to the best of my ability, aid any fellow handler, who lives by this code, in the handling of his/her dogs should the occasion arise where they are unable to handle them, providing it does not jeopardize any of my clients or their dogs.

I will deal with my clients in a professional and business like manner, and I will advise them of all show results, wins or placings and tender them all ribbons and trophies won by their dog/s within a reasonable time period.

I dedicate myself to continuously strive to improve my knowledge and skills in the practice of my profession for the benefit of those who employ me.

I will not, in any manner, belittle or berate any judge of their decisions in the ring.

The fees for my services will be fair and just to my clients and shall be commensurate with the services rendered.  An itemized bill will be supplied monthly to each client.

Unless prior arrangements have been made with a client, a clientís dog will be given priority in the ring over any dogs owned by the handler.
As a member of the CPHA, I realize I am their representative whenever I am in the public eye, and will conduct myself within the confines of this code and pledge to uphold itís principles and intent.  

I swear to abide by the above Code of Ethics and to the validity of all statements contained in the application for membership in the CPHA.
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